New reports released in August 2016

This month we have published 2 reports. These reports, which were written by our "in-house" researchers, cover the human assistant robotics sector and identify potential clusters across Japan. To read more, please click on links below:

Report: Human Assistant Robotics in Japan

About the Report

Japan’s ageing population is now accelerating the development and implementation of human assistant robots. Hence, the aim of this report is to provide with an overview of the Japanese human assistant robotics market, including the analysis of influencing factors and societal trends. In addition, it seeks to portray the market environment as well as possible opportunities and challenges for European companies.

Report: Export & Import EU-Japan Trade data 2015

About the Report

This report provides an overview of trade relations between the EU and Japan in 2015. The report begins by analysing Japanese trade with the EU as a whole and then provides a country-by-country analysis of export trade between Japan and individual EU member states. The report focuses primarily on the balance of trade between Japan, the EU and its constituent member states, and also provides a breakdown of goods traded between Japan and EU by category (i.e. chemicals, manufactured goods, food and livestock, etc.) in each case.

Report: Japan as a Hub for the Asian Market for European Companies

About the Report

This report focuses on explaining how European companies can take advantage of Japanese government initiatives and benefit from making Japan their business hub location for the Asian market.  The information provided in this report can be used as primary source for European affiliates that need an overview of Japanese FDI promotion policy, comprehensive understanding of incentive programmes and various support services.

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