Report: The Non-Life Insurance Sector in Japan

About the Report:

This report is the result of extensive research into the non-life insurance industry in Japan. It gives an industry overview and provides insights into the market trends, market size, market drivers and challenges, and also analyses the various distribution channels for non-life insurance products.

Report: Sector Mapping and Industry Landscape of the Cleantech Industry in Japan

About the Report:

Following the Fukushima plant accident, the need for energy reforms in Japan became immediately apparent. Aside from the risks demonstrated by the incident itself, the subsequent shutdown of the nuclear energy sector lead to dramatic contraction of Japan’s balance of trade figures, as Japan became considerably more dependent on energy imports.

Report: Importing Japanese Food into the EU

About the Report:

The EU has a high per capita demand and is the world’s largest fish consumer, hence this paper suggests that Europe could be a prospective market for a wide range of Japanese food products. For European companies to seize this business opportunity, this report examines key questions, such as why and what kind of Japanese food products could be imported to the EU? What are key characteristics of Japanese cuisine and its ingredients? And lastly, where to find relevant food producers in Japan?

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