Akita Prefecture


Main City: Akita

Population:  1,023,000 people ranking 38/47 (2015) [1]

Area:  11,612 km2 [2]

Geographical / Landscape description

Located in the north of Honshu, Akita Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan in the west and is bordered by four other prefectures: Aomori in the north, Iwate in the east, Miyagi in the southeast, and Yamagata in the south. The Ou Mountains mark the eastern border of the prefecture, and the higher Dewa Mountains run parallel through the centre of the prefecture. [2]


The climate in Akita is characterised by long winters and short summers. The coastal regions of Akita tend to be mild, with a warm current circulating around the area. Compared to the coast, the interior regions of Akita Prefecture are hotter in the summer and colder in the winter with lots of snow fall. [2]

Time zone: GMT +7 in summer (+8 in winter)

International dialling code: 0081

Recent history, culture

Akita is famous for rice farming and its sake breweries, it is well known for having the highest consumption of sake in Japan.  Akita is also believed to be home to the most beautiful women in Japan who are known as “Akita bijin”, or “beauties of Akita”, such as the famed poet Ono no Komachi (ca. 825 - ca. 900).

The region is thought to be the origin of the Akita breed of dog which carries the prefecture's name. [2]

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