Tokyo Olympics organizing committee to publish tender opportunities for SMEs on designated website

Nikkei Online reports on December 15 that the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will start publishing its tenders on the “Business Chance Navi 2020” website from April 2017. It is expected that the Committee will place orders for goods for temporary facilities, such as tents and fences and equipment for the Olympic Village.

IOC proposes international procurement as way to cut costs Tokyo2020 Games

In the ongoing 4 -party discussions regarding the costs for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the IOC has proposed the introduction of international tenders as one way to cut costs, reports Asahi Shinbun (J). Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (TOCOG), the Japanese government and IOC-representatives have discussed ways to cut costs last week, during a three day meeting.

Tokyo2020 Organising Committee give preference to domestic building materials

According to a report published by NHK news Web on June 13, the Tokyo2020 Organising committee has decided that Olympic venues need to be build with domestic building materials "for environmental protection". According to the report, the IOC requires organizers to take the environment into account, however the Japanese organizers seem to have given this a twist to block out environmental-friendly solutions from abroad.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveils plan for Olympic Village after the Games

Asahi Television News reports that Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has unveiled its construction plans for the Olympic Village in Harumi area on March 31st. After the Games, the area will be reconstructed into a new district in Tokyo over a period of 4 years. TMG envisions building 2 50 story highrise buildings and 21 flats between 14 and 18 stories high.

TMG publishes tender contract notices for Tokyo 2020 Olympics aquatics, volleyball and rowing venues

On October 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published the contract notices for construction tenders for the Olympic venues for swimming, volleyball and rowing/kayaking venues.

Tender for new design of Olympic stadium – Time to make your pitch?

With the first design for the new Olympic stadium for the Tokyo2020 Olympics of the table, with Prime-Minster Abe ordering personally to start again from a ‘blank sheet’, the Japan Sports Council (JSC) published a second tender for Stadium’s design and construction.


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