Tokyo2020 Organising Committee publishes procurement guide in English

At the start the new fiscal year in Japan, the Tokyo2020 Organising Committee (TOCOG) has published an English language procurement guide and form for registration on its website. The guide largely follows the Japanese version of which JTPP Helpdesk offers a provisional translation.

Tokyo Olympics venue tenders come under scrutiny

A research-team working for Tokyo’s Political Reform Headquarters (toukyoutou tosei kaikaku honbu), established by recently elected governor Yuriko Koike is proposing drastic review of three of the main Olympic venues.  It is investigating the ballooning costs for preparations of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which had soared from about 154 billion JPY  (1.3 EUR billion) at the time of their bid to an estim

MLIT's information counter for local municipalities to support more diverse procurement methods

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is starting an information counter for local municipalities to support them in their attempts to apply more diverse ways of procurement. During the past years MLIT has undertaken action to introduce more diverse ways of public procurement, as local governments have found it difficult to arrange sustainable management of their social capital and existing infrastructure and adequately deal with prevention of disasters.  These trends are seen as a threat to the liveability of local communities.

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TMG starts Tokyo2020 business opportunity portal for SMEs in April 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will launch a portal for SMEs with business opportunities related to Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Named "Business Change Navi 2020" the site will gather and publish tender opportunities for SMEs in preparation of the 2020 Games. Modelled after a similar initiative of the London 2012 Olympic Games organizers, the portal is meant to give SMEs better access to opportunities related to the Olympics. 

Information on Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tender procedures added

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) provides services to a population of almost 30 million inhabitants, which represents close to a quarter of the total population in Japan.  The public procurement demand generated by this huge organisation is most likely similar to that of some mid-sized European countries.  International interest in providing goods and services to TMG is on the rise recently, in particular due to the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Practical Guide for Unified Supplier Qualification Renewed

From April onwards, suppliers of goods and services to Japanese central government organisations need new qualifications for the period 2016-2020. This application process needs to be conducted entirely in Japanese. 

As the application has undergone some changes from the previous edition, JTPP Helpdesk has updated its pages regarding the Unified Supplier Qualification.

Winning bids for Tokyo 2020 Olympic venues construction announced

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced the winning bidders for three Tokyo2020 Olympic Games venues on January 14th. All tenders were won by Japanese joint ventures. No foreign companies took part in the procedures.

Aquatics Centre

Time to renew your qualifications to participate in public tenders 2016-2019

Companies that wish to supply goods and services to Japanese government organisations need to obtain qualifications to participate in tender procedures. Many organisations operate their own qualification system, but national government organisations also have a common qualification system, called ‘tou-itsu shikaku shinsei’ (unified qualification application system).

TMG publishes tender contract notices for Tokyo 2020 Olympics aquatics, volleyball and rowing venues

On October 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published the contract notices for construction tenders for the Olympic venues for swimming, volleyball and rowing/kayaking venues.

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