Factsheet: EPA & Telecommunication

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Sub-section 4 of Chapter 8 of the EU-Japan EPA sets out the principles for regulatory framework for provision of telecommunication services. As per the language in Chapter 7 on technical barriers to trade, standards issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), are generally followed, except when such standards or relevant parts of them would be ineffective or inappropriate for the fulfilment of the legitimate objectives pursued.

EPA & Telecommunications

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Checked on: September 2020

Report: Japanese Electronics Sector

About the Report:

In 1957 Sony developed a small handheld transistor radio. This is the start of the Japanese electronic industry. Other Japanese companies followed, and the Japanese electronics sector proliferated into many new areas. Japan become the largest exporting country of electronics goods to the rest of the world.

The report presents the actual trend of the Japanese electronic market and presents the opportunies and challenges for EU companies in the subsectors of consumer & industrial electronics, and IoT.

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