Technology Transfer

08-12-16 | 15:00 h - 16:00 h

Technology Transfer Webinar 9: Enterprise Patent Portfolio Commercialisation:Trends and Opportunities

How can I generate returns from my enterprise patent portfolio?

There is a long history of enterprises using patent portfolios to support their operations as well as to generate returns.  During the last few years, significant changes in the business and patent ecosystems in Asia, Europe, and the United States have disrupted models for commercializing patent portfolios.  This presentation provides an overview of these changes, as well as insights on how enterprises can approach patent portfolio commercialization in the evolving environment.

06-09-16 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

Technology Transfer Webinar 6: services offered by the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk

What is the best way for companies, universities and research centres to license (in and out) available technologies in Europe and Japan?

The EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk is a new service launched by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation aimed at supporting European and Japanese companies and individuals in their steps to search for and acquire technologies, as well as bridging the knowledge gap about current available technologies from both Japan and Europe.

10-06-16 | 10:00 h - 11:30 h

Technology Transfer webinar 4: Crowdsourcing innovation

How do I accelerate my business by using crowdsourcing? Is it really helpful? 

26-04-16 | 09:00 h - 10:30 h

Technology Transfer webinar 3: Managing a Nanotechnology Patent Portfolio

What are current approaches for creating, managing and extracting value from IP in nanotechnology?


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