About Starting a Business in Japan

There are many reasons for wishing to establish or expand your business in Japan, and also many different ways to enter the Japanese market. It is important to study the different strategies and choose the most suitable one for your activities before you get there.

Direct Selling

Establishing an office in Japan will allow you to enter the Japanese market and have direct contact with customers and possible partners. However, it is important to note that there are different types of offices, which have various investment and manpower requirements.

Distribution Channels

If you want to sell your product in Japan, you need to be familiar with all the available distribution channels.

Marketing & Advertising

Consumers must be aware of you in order to purchase your product. But how do you become known on the market?

Negotiation Process

According to Minato Kadoi analysis, in Japanese negotiation styles, it is certain that the Japanese value creating a trusted rapport with their counterparts as a pre-requirement before negotiations.


Preparing to expand a business overseas requires more than just attention to financial issues. Cultural awareness and an understanding of the market are vital.

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Selling Through e-Commerce

e-Commerce is almost an indispensable requirement in Japan, and is commonly perceived as an “easy” way to enter the Japanese market. However, there are many things which must be taken into consideration when creating a website for the Japanese consumer.

Selling Through Intermediaries

If establishing a local office in Japan does not seem like the right solution, it might be wise to use an intermediary. But the choice of such an intermediary should be made with caution, as there are vast differences between the different types of partners you might find.

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