Accounting in Japan

Accounting and tax support is provided by certified public accountants and tax accountants. The role of certified public accountants is to perform audits under the Certified Public Accountant Law, while tax accountants engage in typical tax agent services such as the preparation of tax documentation and giving tax consultations under the Certified Tax Accountant Law. Additionally, both professions provide extra services such as business consulting.

Source: JETRO, Taxes in Japan: Consultation with Specialists on Accounting and Tax Support, 2013

Japan Industrial Standards (JIS)


General overview 

For a general overview on Japanese standards and various resources see the description under Legal & Regulatory Issues » Standards.

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Standards and licenses

To ensure the quality and safety of goods and services provided to Japanese government entities, in quite a few categories certain standards need to be met or licenses obtained. In particular, in tenders where a product is produced specifically for the procuring entity suppliers have to meet industrial standards.  


A standard is a measure, a norm, or a model used to evaluate goods or processes.

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