31-01-17 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

Webinar 86: EU-Japan collaborative projects on Internet of Things and smart cities: ClouT, FESTIVAL and BigClouT

How to benefit from EU-Japan joint cooperation programmes in the ICT sector?

Case Study: Karalit: An Italian SME


Karalit was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from a major research centre in Sardinia, Italy. The company has quickly grown and its CFD software is now being sold in Europe, North America and Asia. To better understand Japan, one of its main target markets, Karalit’s Chief Operating Officer participated in HRTP 48, and the company has since been able to start up activities in Japan.

Report: ICT Software

About the Report   

Tags : ICT, Software

Report: Digital Technology

About the Report

This report covers the Japanese digital technology industry, with a particular focus on sound, image and text technologies. It begins by looking at the potential for growth in the e-book market, new opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industry for QR codes that could be used for the traceability of their products and trends and opportunities in the e-learning market.

About Creative Industries

There is no precise definition of creative industries in Japan. Instead, they relate to industries linked to lifestyle and culture such as design, artisan products, fashion, art, tourism, advertising and food.

Digital Technology

The world is quickly moving toward a completely Digital Society, and Japan is at the forefront of this process. From economy to social structures, every aspect of the human society will be deeply affected by the ramping digitalization.


The ICT sector plays an important role in Japanese economic development and cultural prosperity, and technological developments have been widely embraced in areas such as mobile communications.

Tags : ICT, Software


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