'About Japan' webinar series 207: EU-Japan Smart Ageing Project e-VITA

This webinar will elucidate relevant aspects of putting robots into private homes of...

10:00 - 11:00
First Approval of a Robotic Suit as a Medical Device

On 10 November 2015 the Medical Equipment and External Diagnosis Subcommittee of the MHLW...

Report: Ambient Assisted Living Market in Japan

About the Report:The low birth rate, increasing longevity and the rapid pace of ageing...

Report: Analysis of opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan‘s Data Economy and Artificial Intelligence in connection with Robotics

About the Report This report intends to provide an overview of current AI, robotics and...

Report: Human Assistant Robotics in Japan

About the ReportJapan’s ageing population is now accelerating the development and...

Report: Robotic Surgery, Telemedicine & Exporting medical devices to Japan

About the ReportThis report studies the Japanese robotic surgery, telemedicine and medical...

Report: Robotics in Japan

About the ReportThis report provides an overview of the Japanese robotics market, outlines...

Report: Society 5.0 Strategy in Japan

About the Report Society 5.0 is the Japanese government’s vision for the next and fifth...


 Latest update: April 2022 

Webinar 104: Paving the way to Culturally-Competent Robots: the CARESSES project

How can we develop assistive robots able to adapt how they behave and speak to the culture...

10:30 - 11:30