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Report: Hydro, Tidal and Wave Energy in Japan

About the Report

This report titled 'Hydro, Tidal and Wave Energy in Japan - Business, Research and Technological Cooperation Opportunities for European Companies' presents the hydro and marine energy market in Japan, with the past and recent trends, the growth potential and the relevant normative framework. It concludes with an overview of the potential challenges and opportunities for European companies.

Report: the Microalgae - Biomass Industry in Japan

About the Report 

The report titled 'The Microalgae/Biomass Industry in Japan - an Assessment of Cooperation and Business Potential with European Companies' presents the profile of the Microalgae and Microalgal Biomass Industry in Japan with the newest policies, projects and stakeholders involved. The Report also assesses and provides recommendations on the cooperation and business potential for the European companies interested in this sector in Japan.

Japan Industry and Policy News: Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy 2016 – Japan’s Annual Renewable Energy Exhibition Shows Increasing Amounts of International Players

From 29 June to 1 July, Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Japan welcomed the 11th edition of the renewable energy exhibition “Renewable Energy 2016”.

Report: The Japanese Solar PV Market

About the Report

This report titled 'Solar PV Market and Industry in Japan - Business Opportunities for European SMEs' aims to clarify the recent evolutions in the Japanese renewable energy/PV market, and its implications for potential European investors. It provides a detailed analysis of the policy framework facilitating the current growth in solar PV in Japan and it points out market entry opportunities. The report concludes with a number of recommendations for European companies and policy makers.

Case Study: MEBIUS d.o.o.: a Slovenian SME

MEBIUS – from SL

The Slovenian R&D company Mebius is a developer of catalysts and electrodes for hydrogen fuel cells. The company works closely with the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry and other research institutes, and is a founding member of the Centre of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies and the Hydrogen Technology Development Centre. With 50% of their business already being international, the company began taking its first steps on the Japanese market in 2013.


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