Report: Renewable Energies in Japan

About the Report

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the renewable energy market in Japan and business opportunities in this sector. It focuses on four types of new Renewable Energies that offer promising perspectives in Japan; solar, wind, geothermal and marine energy. It explains that the changes in the Japanese government’s attitude towards renewable energy since the Fukushima disaster, as it started to ease restrictions and promote wind, solar and geothermal energies, resulted in the booming renewable energy industry as a whole.

About Energy

With an energy self-sufficiency rate of only 8% in 2016, Japan has to import most of its energy resources from other countries.

Smart Grid

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese government and the major utilities experienced a largescale energy shortage due to the shutdown of nuclear power plants and the limitations of the existing grid system.

Renewable Energy

In the context of Japan’s energy policy objectives, renewable energy is both a strategic opportunity and a practical challenge.

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