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Japan Post Holdings on its way to Stock Exchange

Government-owned Japan Post Holdings is heading for the stock market.  Together with its financial units Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance it has submitted formal applications to be listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With the applications likely to be approved, the initial public offering (IPO) is expected around November 4th

Highlighted tender: Survey Research commission tender

Japanese central government organisations often issue tender calls for commissioned international survey research on a wide variety of topics, some of which might also be of interest to European-based research companies. The following is an example of this type of surveys commissioned by the Cabinet Office.  The call is published under the WTO GPA regulations which ensures equal treatment of both Japanese and foreign bidders.

May 29: EU-Japan annual summit: EPA main point on the agenda

Lower tariffs, non-tariff trade barriers and public procurement

Nikkei online reports on May 26, that EU and Japan plan to use their annual summit in Tokyo on May 29 to iron out differences on lowering of tariffs, non-tariff trade barriers and public procurement, with the goal to reach an early comprehensive agreement towards conclusion of a Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). The views are however still wide apart, and it is unclear whether progress will be made this time.

23-04-15 to 23-04-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h

Webinar 40: Public Procurement in Japan - Experiences of a European SME

How can an EU SME set up a successful business case as a supplier to Japanese government organizations?

METI SME Agency to set up database for venture business to stimulate participation in tenders

METI’s SME Agency is planning to construct a database of SMEs and venture businesses in order promote public procurement business opportunities with government organisations for more recently established private sector entities.

Japan announces amendments to laws regulating SME set-asides

The Japanese Cabinet agreed on March 10th on a proposal to amend three laws regulating public procurement set-asides for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or kankouju. (‘Public Agency Orders’) The plan will be submitted to the current session of the Diet and in force within three months after passing the Diet. 

Tokyo government to set up Olympics tendering website for SMEs

Nikkei Online reported on January 7 that the Tokyo Government is planning to set up a website to publish Olympics-related tenders, aimed specifically at SMEs.

27-01-15 to 27-01-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h Brussels time

Webinar 31: Finding your way in Japanese Public Procurement

How does the public procurement system work in Japan and what are my opportunities?

Similar to the process in European countries, Japanese government organisations are obliged to purchase the goods and services they require through competitive public tendering procedures. As one can imagine, the range of these goods and services is extremely broad: - From ink-cartridges to satellites, from the painting of bridges to the construction of an Olympic stadium.

02-12-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h GMT +1

Webinar 29: Tax & Public Procurement in Japan

What kind of support services are available for EU SMEs doing business in Japan with regard to tax issues and for those who wish to enter Japan's lucrative Public Procurement market?

New support service for EU SMEs covering Tax Issues and Access to Public Procurement Market in Japan!


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