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Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveils plan for Olympic Village after the Games

Asahi Television News reports that Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has unveiled its construction plans for the Olympic Village in Harumi area on March 31st. After the Games, the area will be reconstructed into a new district in Tokyo over a period of 4 years. TMG envisions building 2 50 story highrise buildings and 21 flats between 14 and 18 stories high.

Information on Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tender procedures added

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) provides services to a population of almost 30 million inhabitants, which represents close to a quarter of the total population in Japan.  The public procurement demand generated by this huge organisation is most likely similar to that of some mid-sized European countries.  International interest in providing goods and services to TMG is on the rise recently, in particular due to the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

19-04-16 to 19-04-16 | 10:30 h - 11:30h

Webinar 67: Tokyo 2020 Olympics and procurement

How have Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other Tokyo 2020 Olympics related organisations organised their procurement? 

Practical Guide for Unified Supplier Qualification Renewed

From April onwards, suppliers of goods and services to Japanese central government organisations need new qualifications for the period 2016-2020. This application process needs to be conducted entirely in Japanese. 

As the application has undergone some changes from the previous edition, JTPP Helpdesk has updated its pages regarding the Unified Supplier Qualification.

19-01-16 to 19-01-16 | 10:30 h - 11:30h

Webinar 59: Japan Tax and Public Procurement Helpdesk

Obtaining your qualification as a supplier to Japanese governmental organisations

Japan to drop operational safety clause for railways procurement: EPA negotiations

In the on-going negotiations between Japan and the EU, Japan has proposed to drop the operational safety clause for transportation. The clause was long seen by EU railway companies as a non-tariff barrier preventing them to do viable business in Japan.  

TMG publishes tender contract notices for Tokyo 2020 Olympics aquatics, volleyball and rowing venues

On October 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published the contract notices for construction tenders for the Olympic venues for swimming, volleyball and rowing/kayaking venues.

Tender for new design of Olympic stadium – Time to make your pitch?

With the first design for the new Olympic stadium for the Tokyo2020 Olympics of the table, with Prime-Minster Abe ordering personally to start again from a ‘blank sheet’, the Japan Sports Council (JSC) published a second tender for Stadium’s design and construction.

Introduction of social security number big earner for Fujitsu Group

Nikkei IT-news service website IT-pro reports that the Fujitsu Group expects to earn close to half a billion euro’s on government-issued contracts related to the introduction of ‘My number’. 

Over 25% of public works tenders in Fukushima end in failure

During a recent prefectural meeting in Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture to discuss issues regarding the recovery the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the region in March 2011, it was announced that one in five tenders for public works ends in failure.  In the Northern coastal area of Soso, where repairs of roads and coastal protection is concentrated the tender failure rate is even higher at 28.6%.


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