Public Procurement

14-01-20 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h CET

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 13: Public Procurement & Healthcare

What are the business opportunities in Japan’s public healthcare and what you need to do to become a supplier?

Infopack: EPA & Government Procurement

About the Factsheet

Although European firms already have access to the Japanese government procurement market, through the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA), the EU-Japan EPA will provide additional opportunities to gain Japanese government contracts. Japan has agreed to further open its government tenders to EU companies and to commit itself to lessening barriers, which were perceived as hampering competition on a level playing field with Japanese companies.

14-11-17 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

Webinar 107: Introduction to business in Japan from a fiscal perspective

What should you be careful about when doing business or when investing in Japan from a fiscal point of view?

Nowadays it is getting easier to set up companies in Japan. This webinar will focus on the fiscal aspects for your company when doing business in Japan. What is taxable and what is not?  Is the corporate tax rate high?  When do companies have to file their tax return? What should you be careful about when you invest in Japan from a fiscal point of view? These questions will be discussed during this webinar.

News on Public Procurement and Taxation in September

In this section you can find the latest news on the pubic procurement procedures and taxation matters in Japan. Please find below several JTPP-related notices:

Japanese Tender information service NJSS links up with Nikkei Telecom:

New service analyses individual government organizations, companies and sectors


One of the largest commercial tender information services in Japan, NJSS, has announced it will link up with Nikkei Telecom to offer a new searchable service with reports on public procurement activities at individual government organization, company or sectoral level.

TMG’s Tokyo Olympics tender portal for SMEs kicks off

On April 28, Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s new tender information portal for SMEs, ‘Business Chance Navi 2020” officially started its operations.


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