Tenders for Olympic Hockey Stadium planned in August

At the start of a new fiscal year, many Japanese government organisations make pre-announcement regarding large public works tenders they plan to do in the coming year.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced this week that it is planning a number of tenders related to the preparations for the 2020 Olympic Hockey Stadium. TMG has split up construction of the stadium into a number of separate tenders, a practice common in Japan.  Presently, it is not known whether the tenders will be conducted under international WTO regulations.


Foreign participation in bidding for Fukuoka Airport concession

In the run-up to the bidding for the concession of the management rights of Fukuoka Airport, again a foreign partner has appeared. After France’s Vinci S.A. participation in the winning bid for the Osaka airports and participation in the bid for Kobe airport, Singapore’s Changi Airport Group is looking to participate in the competition for the airport in Northwest Kyushu.

Tokyo government discusses reform of procurement process

Following the upheaval last year concerning the procurement procedures related to construction of the Toyosu Market and Olympic venues, where projected prices were increased repeatedly, due to lack of companies willing to place bids, a number of measures to counter these problems where discussed by TMG on March 31.

Governor Koike had given a project team in charge of investigating Tokyo’s procurement system to come up with proposals to increase competition and thus prevent spiralling construction costs for large projects.

A number of proposals were made during the meeting:

Japan promotes PFI by relaxing rules further

The Japanese government is planning to further promote the sales of management concessions for public facilities such as sports facilities and harbours. To make PFI (Private Finance Initiatives) more attractive for private companies, the government is planning to make it easier for winners of concessions to invite tenants to their facilities.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Procurement Update: Procurement Guidelines translation available at JTPP

JTPP Helpdesk announced in December 2016 that Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) will use the Business Chance Navi 2020 Portal (BCN2020) for the publication of Tokyo2020 related tenders from April 2017.

METI procurement procedures fully digitalised from January 1, 2017

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has announced that its procurement procedures will become fully digitalized from January 1st.  Thus far, it had already conducted part of its tenders online, but starting the new year all tenders will be conducted online.  Online tender procedures will take on the common public procurement platform GEPS.

The move will also end the cumbersome practice of requiring bidders to bring documents in person. Furthermore, large documents which cannot be uploaded can be sent by mail.

IOC proposes international procurement as way to cut costs Tokyo2020 Games

In the ongoing 4 -party discussions regarding the costs for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the IOC has proposed the introduction of international tenders as one way to cut costs, reports Asahi Shinbun (J). Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (TOCOG), the Japanese government and IOC-representatives have discussed ways to cut costs last week, during a three day meeting.

NIED Tender: Development of GNSS Data processing system

The National Reseach Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED) is inviting companies to tender for a contract regarding the development of a GNSS data processing system. The tender is open for all companies with classification A,B,C or D. The tender is conducted under local regulations. 

Government to support municipalities with offering water management services in PFI concessions

The Cabinet office has started a support program for local municipalities to assist them with investigating the possibility to offer water management services, i.e. the public water supply and sewerage services in concession. Municipalities can have all costs covered for investigations into due diligence, the division of responsibilities between public and private actors and feasibility studies.

Fujitsu sued for damages over faulty My Number system

The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems (J-LIS) is planning to sue Fujitsu for damages due to persistent problems with the issuing of ‘My Number’ cards, the social and fiscal number system introduced in Japan last year. Fujitsu is a major supplier of IT systems to Japanese government organisations and was awarded the contract to develop the system.  J-LIS has come to the conclusion that the system is not meeting the standards that were set when the system was tendered.


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