Foreign participation in bidding for Fukuoka Airport concession

In the run-up to the bidding for the concession of the management rights of Fukuoka Airport, again a foreign partner has appeared. After France’s Vinci S.A. participation in the winning bid for the Osaka airports and participation in the bid for Kobe airport, Singapore’s Changi Airport Group is looking to participate in the competition for the airport in Northwest Kyushu.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) concessions taking off in Japan

Japanese business newspapers reported this week about the first concession in the public sewage systems sector to be given to a consortium of private companies, including French water treatment giant Veolia.

MLIT's information counter for local municipalities to support more diverse procurement methods

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is starting an information counter for local municipalities to support them in their attempts to apply more diverse ways of procurement. During the past years MLIT has undertaken action to introduce more diverse ways of public procurement, as local governments have found it difficult to arrange sustainable management of their social capital and existing infrastructure and adequately deal with prevention of disasters.  These trends are seen as a threat to the liveability of local communities.

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