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Case Studies

As the world’s third biggest economy, the Japanese market is an excellent opportunity for European companies to export their products and/or services.

Plastics & Polymers

Japan is one of the largest producers of plastics in the world. With production at 11.02 million tons and total shipments at 13 trillion yen, the plastics industry takes up a significant share in the manufacturing landscape of Japan.

Report: Japanese Plastic Products and Components

About the ReportThis report titled 'Plastic Products and Components' studies the Japanese...

Report: The Japanese market of single-use plastic products and potential substitutes

About the Report Marine pollution from plastic waste is a growing concern that is...

Webinar 06: Plastic & Components

What are the main trends and characteristics of the Japanese market for plastics products...

10:30 - 11:30
Webinar 131: The Japanese market of single-use plastic products

What is Japan’s approach to address plastic pollution?Japan is a world leader producer and...

10:30 - 11:30