Foreign participation in bidding for Fukuoka Airport concession

In the run-up to the bidding for the concession of the management rights of Fukuoka Airport, again a foreign partner has appeared. After France’s Vinci S.A. participation in the winning bid for the Osaka airports and participation in the bid for Kobe airport, Singapore’s Changi Airport Group is looking to participate in the competition for the airport in Northwest Kyushu.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) concessions taking off in Japan

Japanese business newspapers reported this week about the first concession in the public sewage systems sector to be given to a consortium of private companies, including French water treatment giant Veolia.

Japan promotes PFI by relaxing rules further

The Japanese government is planning to further promote the sales of management concessions for public facilities such as sports facilities and harbours. To make PFI (Private Finance Initiatives) more attractive for private companies, the government is planning to make it easier for winners of concessions to invite tenants to their facilities.

Government to support municipalities with offering water management services in PFI concessions

The Cabinet office has started a support program for local municipalities to assist them with investigating the possibility to offer water management services, i.e. the public water supply and sewerage services in concession. Municipalities can have all costs covered for investigations into due diligence, the division of responsibilities between public and private actors and feasibility studies.

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