11-03-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels time

Webinar 06: Plastic & Components

What are the main trends and characteristics of the Japanese market for plastics products and components? 

Japan as an advanced industrial country uses plastics products and components in a wide range of fields. Especially the automotive and the machinery industry are to be mentioned here. The webinar will give an outline of the Japanese market for plastics products with special regard to the construction, automotive and machinery industry. The role of parts suppliers in Japan will be examined and consequences for market entry for overseas firms will be explained.

Paper & Packaging

As the third largest producer of paper and paperboard in the world, the Japanese paper industry is undergoing a vast transformation in recent years, as the need for traditional paper products is decreasing and the demand for high-technology materials like nanofiber is

Labelling, Marking & Packaging

Japanese laws concerning labelling, product marking and packaging primarily relate to importation, security and health. Requirements are often product-specific and different from the EU standards which European businesses are accustomed to abiding by.

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