Report: Optics & Photonics

About the Report

The objective of this report is to give European companies an insight into the Japanese optics and photonics market. Dr. Silke Bromann assessed the medical and industrial sector as well as the camera market and provides in-depth information about business opportunities, challenges, market size, trends and profitability of these sectors.

Optical Networks

In 2016, Japan had the second highest number of fixed broadband subscriptions of all OECD countries. Of Japan’s 38.7 million fixed broadband subscriptions, 75% were fibre. This is the highest percentage out of all OECD countries, where the average is 21.2%.

About Optics & Photonics

The Japanese camera industry is in a state of transition.


Laser technology has a wide range of applications in diverse sectors, such as in heavy industry, medicine, military, and the entertainment industries to name a few. This section shall offer you some information on the state of the laser industry in Japan:

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