Tokyo Olympics venue tenders come under scrutiny

A research-team working for Tokyo’s Political Reform Headquarters (toukyoutou tosei kaikaku honbu), established by recently elected governor Yuriko Koike is proposing drastic review of three of the main Olympic venues.  It is investigating the ballooning costs for preparations of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which had soared from about 154 billion JPY  (1.3 EUR billion) at the time of their bid to an estim

Tokyo2020 Organising Committee give preference to domestic building materials

According to a report published by NHK news Web on June 13, the Tokyo2020 Organising committee has decided that Olympic venues need to be build with domestic building materials "for environmental protection". According to the report, the IOC requires organizers to take the environment into account, however the Japanese organizers seem to have given this a twist to block out environmental-friendly solutions from abroad.

TMG’s Tokyo Olympics tender portal for SMEs kicks off

On April 28, Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s new tender information portal for SMEs, ‘Business Chance Navi 2020” officially started its operations.

TMG Construction Recycling Plan Renewed ahead of Olympics

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published a renewed version of its ‘Construction Recycling Promotion Plan’ (Toukyoutou kensetsu resaikuru suishin keikaku) this month, reports Kankyou Business Online. The Plan is to promote further efforts by all actors in the c

Tokyo Metropolitan Government unveils plan for Olympic Village after the Games

Asahi Television News reports that Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has unveiled its construction plans for the Olympic Village in Harumi area on March 31st. After the Games, the area will be reconstructed into a new district in Tokyo over a period of 4 years. TMG envisions building 2 50 story highrise buildings and 21 flats between 14 and 18 stories high.

TMG starts Tokyo2020 business opportunity portal for SMEs in April 2016

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will launch a portal for SMEs with business opportunities related to Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Named "Business Change Navi 2020" the site will gather and publish tender opportunities for SMEs in preparation of the 2020 Games. Modelled after a similar initiative of the London 2012 Olympic Games organizers, the portal is meant to give SMEs better access to opportunities related to the Olympics. 

Information on Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tender procedures added

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) provides services to a population of almost 30 million inhabitants, which represents close to a quarter of the total population in Japan.  The public procurement demand generated by this huge organisation is most likely similar to that of some mid-sized European countries.  International interest in providing goods and services to TMG is on the rise recently, in particular due to the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Winning bids for Tokyo 2020 Olympic venues construction announced

Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced the winning bidders for three Tokyo2020 Olympic Games venues on January 14th. All tenders were won by Japanese joint ventures. No foreign companies took part in the procedures.

Aquatics Centre

TMG publishes tender contract notices for Tokyo 2020 Olympics aquatics, volleyball and rowing venues

On October 16, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) published the contract notices for construction tenders for the Olympic venues for swimming, volleyball and rowing/kayaking venues.


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