Joint management organisation planned for temporary venues Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG), Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) , the national government and municipalities that host temporary facilities for the Tokyo2020 games are planning to set up a joint management organisation to handle affairs related the temporary venues for the Games. It is seen as one of the outcomes of the ongoing discussions related to who is going to bear the costs for these venues. 

Tokyo2020 Olympics tenders on Preliminary design of temporary overlays

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) announced five tenders related to the preliminary design of temporary overlays at various venues of the Olympics on its website on April 25. The announcements were published both in Japanese and in English. The tenders cover more than 30 different venues used during the Games. The prelimary design tenders have been divided in five tenders as follows:


Preliminary design of Temporary Overlays

Olympics: Winning bidder Olympic Canoeing and Slalom venue announced

On April 6, TMG announced the winning bidders of the upcoming Tokyo2020 Olympics Canoeing and slalom venue. The contract to construct the facilities for the venue was won by a Joint-venture, comprising of Konoike Construction Co. Ltd, Seibu Construction and Tsuboi Corporation with a bid of ¥3,443 million  (Approx.

Tenders for Olympic Hockey Stadium planned in August

At the start of a new fiscal year, many Japanese government organisations make pre-announcement regarding large public works tenders they plan to do in the coming year.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced this week that it is planning a number of tenders related to the preparations for the 2020 Olympic Hockey Stadium. TMG has split up construction of the stadium into a number of separate tenders, a practice common in Japan.  Presently, it is not known whether the tenders will be conducted under international WTO regulations.


Tokyo2020 Organising Committee publishes procurement guide in English

At the start the new fiscal year in Japan, the Tokyo2020 Organising Committee (TOCOG) has published an English language procurement guide and form for registration on its website. The guide largely follows the Japanese version of which JTPP Helpdesk offers a provisional translation.

Japan promotes PFI by relaxing rules further

The Japanese government is planning to further promote the sales of management concessions for public facilities such as sports facilities and harbours. To make PFI (Private Finance Initiatives) more attractive for private companies, the government is planning to make it easier for winners of concessions to invite tenants to their facilities.

Tokyo government publishes tender for Olympic rowing and slalom venue

Tokyo Metropolitan Government published the tender notice (J) for the construction of the rowing and slalom venue facilities for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on February 17th. The tender is conducted under international WTO regulations. The projected price of the project has been set at ¥3.5 billion (approx. €30 million).

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Procurement Update: Procurement Guidelines translation available at JTPP

JTPP Helpdesk announced in December 2016 that Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) will use the Business Chance Navi 2020 Portal (BCN2020) for the publication of Tokyo2020 related tenders from April 2017.

Tokyo Olympics organizing committee to publish tender opportunities for SMEs on designated website

Nikkei Online reports on December 15 that the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will start publishing its tenders on the “Business Chance Navi 2020” website from April 2017. It is expected that the Committee will place orders for goods for temporary facilities, such as tents and fences and equipment for the Olympic Village.

IOC proposes international procurement as way to cut costs Tokyo2020 Games

In the ongoing 4 -party discussions regarding the costs for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the IOC has proposed the introduction of international tenders as one way to cut costs, reports Asahi Shinbun (J). Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee (TOCOG), the Japanese government and IOC-representatives have discussed ways to cut costs last week, during a three day meeting.


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