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Fujitsu sued for damages over faulty My Number system

The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems (J-LIS) is planning to sue Fujitsu for damages due to persistent problems with the issuing of ‘My Number’ cards, the social and fiscal number system introduced in Japan last year. Fujitsu is a major supplier of IT systems to Japanese government organisations and was awarded the contract to develop the system.  J-LIS has come to the conclusion that the system is not meeting the standards that were set when the system was tendered.

Introduction of social security number big earner for Fujitsu Group

Nikkei IT-news service website IT-pro reports that the Fujitsu Group expects to earn close to half a billion euro’s on government-issued contracts related to the introduction of ‘My number’. 

“My Number”: Japan introducing Social Security and Tax number System from January 2016

The Japanese government is currently busy preparing for the new social security and tax number system nicknamed “My Number”.  In October 2015 every person possessing residence records in Japan will receive a notification card with their unique individual number, which is send to the last known address in the country’s resident records.


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