11-06-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 6: EPA Preferences on Meat Products

What are the EPA opportunities for EU meat exporters to Japan?

The EPA offers important market access opportunities for EU meat exporters to Japan.  Duties will be gradually phased out for pork meat and processed pork meat, as well as for poultry meat.  For beef meat duties will reduced from almost 40 to 9% over 15 years.

Factsheet: EPA & Meat Products

About the Factsheet

The aim of this Factsheet is to explain to EU meat exporters the market access opportunities offered by the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement as well as, in a brief overview, the relevant Rules of Origin and import procedures in Japan.


The Japanese population is a traditional consumer of seafood, but meat consumption has increased gradually over recent years, especially among the younger generations.

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