Success Story: Tapflo / SME / Set up a branch in Japan

Interview with Håkan Ekstrand, CEO and Managing Director of Tapflo Group

Driving Competitiveness in the EU

2 days of company visits to leading European factories for employees in manufacturing companies.  This event complements the WCM mission. The aim of this mission is to help European manufacturing companies expand their business abroad and become more competitive by deepening their understanding of good manufacturing practices. The visits will include lectures, shop-floor visits, coaching and detailed explanations of best practice techniques.

Case Studies

As the world’s third biggest economy, the Japanese market is an excellent opportunity for European companies to export their products and/or services.

About Chemicals

Japan’s chemical industry has traditionally been regarded as an uncompetitive, weak industry. However, in the field of high value-added, functional chemical materials (e.g.

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