JR Kyushu removed from WTO government procurement framework after IPO

The Japanese government announced on November 7, that JR Kyushu procurement will no longer fall under the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA). JR Kyushu which operates on the most southern Island was fully privatized, when the Japanese government sold its stock-holdings in an IPO conducted last month, which raised ¥416 billion.

JR Kyushu IPO set for October 25

JR Kyushu will become the fourth of the former Japan National Railways to be listed on the stockmarket on October 25, reports Nikkei Online (J). The government is selling all its shares in the company at an initial price of ¥2600 (22.76 euro) per share

Japan to drop operational safety clause for railways procurement: EPA negotiations

In the on-going negotiations between Japan and the EU, Japan has proposed to drop the operational safety clause for transportation. The clause was long seen by EU railway companies as a non-tariff barrier preventing them to do viable business in Japan.  

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