27-09-16 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

Webinar 78: Japanese Railway Market

What are the current developments in the Japanese railways market and do EU SMEs have business opportunities there?

The Japanese railway market has a reputation of being closed to foreign companies. Strong cross-links between various actors in the market, have made it difficult for foreign entrants to build up a successful business case there. In this webinar an overview is given of the market, the challenges of the market, possible opportunities for entry and current trends.

First Approval of a Robotic Suit as a Medical Device

On 10 November 2015 the Medical Equipment and External Diagnosis Subcommittee of the MHLW's Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council approved a robotic exoskeleton developed by the company Cyberdyne to assist physically challenged people. It was mainly developed as a new medical device for orphan neural-muscular diseases.

Why Japan?

There are numerous reasons for investing in Japan. For starters, Japan is a large country offering a wide range of business opportunities. Forty-seven prefectures spanning from the metropolitan area of Tokyo to the snow covered tops of Hokkaido each present lucrative opportunities to explore. Cultural and commercial events punctuate the calendar with festivities and exhibitions of various sizes. A mix of exotic and traditional customs, as well as the very latest trends, characterise day to day life in Japan.


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