17-02-15 to 17-02-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h GMT +1

Webinar 33: Opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan's Prefectures and Special Economic Zones

How Can SMEs take advantage of Japan’s newly established Special Economic Zones? Where are the opportunities?

In 2013, Japan’s recently elected government enacted an aggressive three-pronged growth strategy. The strategy, which consists of fiscal stimulus, monetary stimulus, and business law reforms, was received with much initial fanfare in both the press and the markets.

Article: Legal Business Entities of Japan

Article written by Michio Matsuzaki.  

In the event that a Foreign Corporation launches a Business in Japan:

Representative Office:

Article: International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Japan

Article written by Michio Matsuzaki.

I would like to discuss International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Japan and the aspects of business opportunities and legal procedures in particular. First, let me begin by quoting some of the basics regarding IJV's from the Wikipedia page on IJVs:

Report: FDI Incentives by Prefecture

About the Report:

This report will provide you with a concise summary of FDI incentives in Japan organised by prefecture. It will assist you in determining which of Japan's prefectures are more suitable for your business. This report was compiled by the EU-Japan Centre by searching through each the websites of local development organisations in each Japanese prefecture. For more details please refer to the region & prefecture page of this website.

24-06-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels Time

Webinar 18: Investing in Japan

Has your company ever considered establishing a corporate entity in Japan?

Through this presentation, we will attempt to provide you with an understanding of why Japan is becoming an increasingly foreign investment-friendly place and of how this is translating into the implementation of various policy incentive schemes which you can benefit from as a foreign investor. We will also review how the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) can provide you with extensive assistance throughout your investment process in Japan.

Report: FDI data between EU-Japan 2008-2012

About the Report

The report studies the flow of direct investment between Japan and the EU in the period 2008-2012, both at an EU-wide level and with the 9 most important member states in terms of Japan-related FDI.


Tags : FDI, Investment

Report: Direct Investment to Japan (Overview of Industry Clusters)

About the Report

This report aims to help foreign investors make informed investment decisions by highlighting the attractiveness of particular regions in terms of well-developed infrastructure, availability of skilled workers, access to potential subcontractors and customers but also in terms of industry specific regional cluster.


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