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This report covers the Japanese digital technology industry, with a particular focus on sound, image and text technologies. It begins by looking at the potential for growth in the e-book market, new opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industry for QR codes that could be used for the traceability of their products and trends and opportunities in the e-learning market.


CEATEC Japan is a cutting-edge IT and electronics exhibition. In 2013 it celebrated its 13th year after being created in 2000 by the merging of the ‘Japan Electronics Show’ and ‘COM Japan’. The event is known for displaying the most innovative products in the IT and electronics industries. The fair is held in October every year.

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About Information Technology

Japan has one of the most advanced IT and Communications markets in the world. Home to many world-renowned electronics brands, Japan has been at the advent of new technologies for many years as a country of early adopting consumers.

17-06-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels time

Webinar 17: ICT Sector in Japan

How is ICT changing Japan and how can your company play a role in it?

Digital Technology

Digital technology has a long history in Japan. A recent study indicated that 99.5% of Japanese people aged 15 to 24 were “digital natives”, i.e.


The ICT sector plays an important role in Japanese economic development and cultural prosperity, and technological developments have been widely embraced in areas such as mobile communications.

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