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Report: Hydrogen and fuel cells in Japan


About the Report 


The Japanese government is promoting the use of the hydrogen as a clean and alternative energy vector. It is the key for reducing energy procurement and supply risks since it can be produced from various energy resources, and for decarbonizing the Japanese energy supply and demand structure, transport, heating (buildings), industry and power sectors.


18-10-16 | 15:00 h - 16:00 h

Webinar 80: Hydrogen Technology Market in Japan

Will Japan succeed in creating a hydrogen-driven society? 

The Japanese government led by PM Abe has vowed to make Japan a “hydrogen society”. The expectations are high, but so are also the challenges. Various initiatives have been made including a roadmap to achieve this target. This presentation will highlight the current status of the transition to a hydrogen-driven society and look into potential opportunities for European SMEs. 

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