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EU and Japan reach agreement in principle on EPA: What to expect for government procurement?

After 4 years of negotiations, EU and Japan have reached an agreement in principle on the main elements of an EU-Japan Economic Partnership agreement on July 6th. The agreement was likely accelerated by the G20 meeting the next day, in a move by both economic giants to show that the age of trade liberalization has not ended with the United States’ withdrawal from TTP in January. 

Tokyo2020 Organising Committee publishes procurement guide in English

At the start the new fiscal year in Japan, the Tokyo2020 Organising Committee (TOCOG) has published an English language procurement guide and form for registration on its website. The guide largely follows the Japanese version of which JTPP Helpdesk offers a provisional translation.

WTO Trade policy review of Japan - openness PP market urged

The World Trade Organization (WTO) conducted the periodic Trade Policy Review (TPR) of Japan at the beginning of March 2017. TPRs are exercises mandated in WTO agreement for all member states. One of the topic discussed in the review is a discussion of the public procurement practices in the country.

Tokyo Olympics organizing committee to publish tender opportunities for SMEs on designated website

Nikkei Online reports on December 15 that the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games will start publishing its tenders on the “Business Chance Navi 2020” website from April 2017. It is expected that the Committee will place orders for goods for temporary facilities, such as tents and fences and equipment for the Olympic Village.

Work-life balance part of tender assessment in MLIT controlled WTO procurement: A new NTB?

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT) has announced that it will include bidders’ efforts to employ women and offering of a good work-life balance as one of the items when assessing construction tenders conducted under WTO regulations, reports the Daily Engineering & Construction News (DECN).  The initiative will be experimentally introduced in large public works tenders and is likely to be expanded to all tenders in 2018.

MLIT approves LRT construction in Utsunomiya

MLIT announced this week that it has approved Utsunomiya City’s plans for construction of a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system in the Tochigi city. While there are other LRT systems in Japan, this will be the first LRT built from scratch.

Japan Post Holdings on its way to Stock Exchange

Government-owned Japan Post Holdings is heading for the stock market.  Together with its financial units Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance it has submitted formal applications to be listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With the applications likely to be approved, the initial public offering (IPO) is expected around November 4th

Article: Opportunities in the Japanese Public Procurement Market

Article written by Lyckle Griek

What are your opportunities in Japanese Public Procurement?

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