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Japan takes global lead in developing floating offshore wind technology 

Over 25% of public works tenders in Fukushima end in failure

During a recent prefectural meeting in Minami-Soma, Fukushima Prefecture to discuss issues regarding the recovery the earthquake and tsunami which devastated the region in March 2011, it was announced that one in five tenders for public works ends in failure.  In the Northern coastal area of Soso, where repairs of roads and coastal protection is concentrated the tender failure rate is even higher at 28.6%.

20% of public works tenders unsuccessful in Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima Minpo News reported on June 27 that for the third year in a row more than 20% of construction tenders (larger than 2.5 million yen) in Fukushima are unsuccessful. A report compiled by the prefecture, states that for the first time since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, more than 70% of these tenders were unsuccessful due to the complete absences of tenderers.  With recovery-projects at its peak, the shortage of construction workers and technicians is worsening.

Public offer to empirically test robotics technologies in ‘Fukushima Hamadori Robotics Demonstrative area’

On April 1st, METI has announced a public offer inviting companies, universities and research institutes to take part in a demonstrative field project concerning robot-technologies to deal with disasters. For this purpose it has set up the so-called ‘Fukushima Hamadori Robotics Demonstrative Area’ in disaster stricken Fukushima Prefecture.

Foreign companies and institutions with advanced technologies are also invited to tender for his project and test their technologies through demonstrative experiments. 

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