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Biotechnology in Agriculture

Japan remains one of the world’s largest per-capita importers of food and feed produced using modern biotechnologies.

CANCELLED - 'EPA Helpdesk' webinar series 44: EPA Impact on EU Agri-Food and Textile Exports to Japan

This event has been cancelled. Should it be rescheduled, we will make sure to keep you...

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Case Studies

As the world’s third biggest economy, the Japanese market is an excellent opportunity for European companies to export their products and/or services.

Case Study: Debailleul: a Belgian SME

DEBAILLEUL - from BE Debailleul is a chocolaterie and patisserie founded by a French...

Case Study: Nuhealth Group / SME / Want to Sell their Products in Japan

Nuhealth Group – from BGCompany Nuhealth JSC is a young company, founded by experienced...


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A positive outlook can be highlighted for the Japanese confectionery market: It represents the sixth-largest domestic market in the world, with retail sales of US$ 9.4 billion in 2017.


 Latest update: March 2022 

EPA - What is the rule of origin for honey?
Export to Japan 11: EU Advantages–Agriculture and Food Products

Various EU products and services began to enjoy benefits from the EU-Japan Economic...

10:30 - 11:00
Export to Japan 3: Requirements for Labelling on EU Food products and Household Goods

What should you know about labelling requirements when exporting to Japan?Various EU...

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Food Regulation

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Frozen Foods

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Functional & Health Food

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Guideline: Export Food to Japan

About the Guideline:This guideline titled "Export Food to Japan - Export-to-sales Process...

How to export healthy foods in Japan?

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Report: Biotechnology-related Food and Agricultural Products in Japan

About the ReportThis report provides an overview of the agricultural biotechnology sector...

Report: Frozen Food Market in Japan (incl. Ice Cream)

About the Report Over time, Japan’s frozen food market is showing a growing trend. However...