16-11-21 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h CET

Webinar 183: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market

Is the Japanese apparel and textile market worth the effort for EU companies? Especially now after the pandemic? Yes, in so many ways…

Case Study: Italtex: A Romanian SME


Italtex is a Romanian manufacturer of accessories for the fashion industry, such as clothing hangers and clips. Aside from their traditional, plastic line of products they are expanding their range with more ecological products. The company’s main customers are currently located in Europe, but they are also targeting the American and Japanese markets.


With its long tradition in silk production, Japan has been at the forefront of the global silk industry in the early 20th century.

About Textiles

Japan has a long history of textile production, and is one of the largest producers of technical textiles.

About Creative Industries

There is no precise definition of creative industries in Japan. Instead, they relate to industries linked to lifestyle and culture such as design, artisan products, fashion, art, tourism, advertising and food.

Leather and Footwear

The Japanese leather industry is dominated by SMEs, producing in rather small quantities. Sales are currently declining, and the demographic change could further shrink the customer base in the near future.


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