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Japan's pollution levels in air and water have been decreasing consistently and for the first time ever, the share of renewable energies in the total energy production has reached over 15%. But there are new challenges and global threats that the country has to deal with.

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 Latest update: April 2022 

EPA - Is the EPA mentioning anything about climate change or environmental cooperation?
EU-Japan Green Transition Matchmaking Platform

Enabling new business between Japan and Europe for a greener economy.


Japanese recycling policy is largely administered at the municipal level, and Japanese local government often possesses the latest in recycling technology. Japanese waste differs significantly from European waste. Some recycling companies use a “holistic method”, integrating the disposal of large electronics and white goods into their factory production line, partially in order to remove superficial features and reduce inputs.

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Webinar 144: Circular Economy in Japan

What are the characteristics of the Japanese Circular Economy in terms of policy, business...

10:00 - 11:00
Webinar 148: The Japanese Model for a Bioeconomy

How will Japan use its leadership in bioscience and biotech to make its economy...

10:30 - 11:30