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EPA - Is the EPA mentioning anything about climate change or environmental cooperation?
EU-Japan Green Transition Matchmaking Platform

Enabling new business between Japan and Europe for a greener economy.


 Latest update: March 2022 

Report: Circular Economy in Japan

About the Report: This report titled "Circular Economy in Japan" introduces the current...

Report: Japan's Circularity

About the Report The world is currently facing two global crises, the climate crisis...

Report: Local Decarbonisation in Japan - Municipalities, Regions and Clusters on the Road to Carbon Neutrality

This report takes a look at Japan’s decarbonisation strategies, with a focus on the local...

Report: Recycling & Waste Management

About the ReportThis report evaluates Japan’s waste management and recycling industries...

Report: Renewable Energies in Japan

About the ReportThis report provides a comprehensive analysis of the renewable energy...

Report: The Japanese Clean Energy Sector Development

About the ReportThis report from the EU-Japan Centre aims to provide European businesses...

Report: Water Treatment

About the ReportThis report titled 'Japanese Water Treatment Sector Market Review'...

Webinar 144: Circular Economy in Japan

What are the characteristics of the Japanese Circular Economy in terms of policy, business...

10:00 - 11:00
Webinar 148: The Japanese Model for a Bioeconomy

How will Japan use its leadership in bioscience and biotech to make its economy...

10:30 - 11:30