Entry Strategy

05-02-19 | 10:00 h - 11:00 h

Webinar 132: How to open a representative office in Japan

How can a European company efficiently set up and effectively utilise a representative office in Japan?

Article: Direct Sales Entry Strategies in Japan

Article written by Philippe Huysveld, CEO & Senior Consultant, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting)

“Entering a new country-market is very much like a start-up situation, with no sales, no marketing infrastructure in place, and little or no knowledge of the market.” (David Arnold, FT Press)

Article: Legal Business Entities of Japan

Article written by Michio Matsuzaki.  

In the event that a Foreign Corporation launches a Business in Japan:

Representative Office:

Article: International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Japan

Article written by Michio Matsuzaki.

I would like to discuss International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Japan and the aspects of business opportunities and legal procedures in particular. First, let me begin by quoting some of the basics regarding IJV's from the Wikipedia page on IJVs:

Transport & Logistics

Despite the challenges posed by Japan’s diverse landscape, the country has an extensive transport and logistics network. In terms of transport, the country is extremely well served by airports, railways, expressways and ferry routes.

Selling Through e-Business

E-Business is almost an indispensable requirement in Japan, and is commonly perceived as an “easy” way to enter the Japanese market.

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