'About Japan' webinar series 188: How to build trusting and long-lasting relations with Japanese partners (MIRAI case study)

How can you overcome cultural differences and build trusting partnerships? – Experiences...

10:00 - 11:00
Article: San-gaku-kan renkei: the Triple Helix Concept in Japan

Article written by Lyckle Griek, Owner, Japan Unlimited Consultants & Liaisons, Workum...


The Japanese education system depends heavily on private funding and, while secondary schools are of a good standard, higher education is losing ground at an international level.

Online Education

 Latest update: May 2022 

Report: Artificial Intelligence in the Japanese Educational Sector

About the Report Japan is about to spend big on AI for the education sector. Not today or...

Report: Online Language-Learning Market in Japan

About the Report: This report titled 'e-Learning/Online LanguageLearning Market in Japan'...