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Report: Product Liability in Japan

This report titled "Product Liability in Japan" issued by Thomson Reuters is written as an informative Q&A and provides comprehensive information on many aspects of product liability in Japan. This report highlights the conditions a claim is brought in contract by covering a number of points such as the consumer guarantees, burden of proof, and the limitation period for bringing a claim.

Report: Distribution in Japan

This report titled "Distribution in Japan" issued by Thomson Reuters is written as an informative Q&A and provides comprehensive information on many aspects of the distribution process in Japan. This report describes the regulations and legal formalities related to the distribution process, and focuses on the competition law, tax, and the intellectual property.

Presentation: Do’s and Don’ts in the Japanese Business Environment

About the Presentation 

The objective of this presentation is to provide EU Businesses with concrete examples of do’s and don’ts in the Japanese business environment. These tips are a good way to adapt one’s behaviour to the Japanese environment and enhance personal relationships. These tips are all the more important in the Japanese business environment since the impact of culture on day-to-day business relations is huge. 

Report: Business Opportunities in Japan’s Service Economy

About the Report

This comprehensive report documents the evolution of Japan’s service sector, from Keiretsu dominance (Japanese conglomerates) to the proliferation of SMEs, with consideration for the transformation of the Japanese industrial structure. The latest policy developments and future growth perspectives are described in-depth, providing an invaluable insight into the opportunities for European companies in this sector.

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About Starting a Business in Japan

There are many reasons for wishing to establish or expand your business in Japan.

Report: Japan Entry Strategy

About the Report

This report on ‘Japan Entry Strategy’ provides answers to key questions such as: ‘Why invest in Japan?’, ‘Which are the key steps in entering the market?’ and ‘What are the major entry strategies?’ Vital information regarding legal requirements, partnerships, franchising and licensing are also covered in this comprehensive report.

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Do's & Don'ts

Adapting your professional etiquette to the Japanese business environment may seem like a daunting task!

01-04-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels time

Webinar 08: Starting a Business in Japan

What are the legal procedures that those foreign companies will need to go through in a process of launching a business in Japan and the points to optimize the business plans according to such legal regulations of Japan?


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