Presentation: Managing Quality Claims in Japan

About the Presentation 

This presentation will explain how to understand and meet the quality expectations of Japanese clients and business partners. By the end of this seminar you will have learned 1) the basics of Japanese quality requirements and how this will impact upon your business venture with or in Japan, and 2) how to respond adequately to claims by Japanese clients.

Presentation: Customer Service in Japan

About the Presentation 

This presentation will cover Japan’s famously high-quality customer service, and what will be expected of you by Japanese consumers and business partners. By the end of this presentation you should have gained an insight into the background of Japanese customer service as well as how to respond to the expectations of Japanese clients in the most efficient way.

About the Experts

Article: Japanese Customer Expectations

Article written by Masako Kato, Intercultural management consultant, itim international, Helsinki, Finland

You all know that Japanese customers have expectations of high quality. But even with your top quality products/services, you may still face some challenges with Japanese customers. Here are some ex­pectations of Japanese customers and tips to cope with them.

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If you are targeting a Japanese company, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the business model so that you can adapt your approach accordingly.

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15-04-14 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h Brussels time

Webinar 09: Get to Know your Client and Adapt

How to Master B2C and B2B Marketing in Japan?

Know Your Client And Adapt

Over the past decades, Japanese clients came to adopt a consuming behavior very similar to their counterparts in Europe and the United States.

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