'About Japan' webinar series 183: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market

Is the Japanese apparel and textile market worth the effort for EU companies? Especially...

10:30 - 11:30
About Textiles

 Latest update: February 2023 

Japan has a long history of textile production, and is one of the largest producers of technical textiles.

Case Studies

Despite the geographical distance, exporting to Japan is not overly complicated and it is not restricted to just the big companies. In fact, many European Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) import successfully to Japan.

EPA & Textiles and Clothing

About Textiles and Clothing:

Factsheet: EPA & Textiles

About the Factsheet The aim of this Factsheet is to explain to EU exporters of textile...

Fashion & Clothing

 Latest update: June 2022 

Japan remains the world’s third-largest fashion apparel importer after the EU and the US. As one of the leading fashion markets in the world, Japan is also a trendsetter for other countries in Asia.

Report: Export Fashion to Japan

About the ReportThis report titled 'Fashion Export to Japan' provides an overview of the...

Report: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market

About the Report This report will provide readers with a clear overview of the size of the...

Webinar 112: Japanese Textile and Clothing Market

What opportunities does the Japanese textile and clothing market offer to EU companies?The...

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