17-10-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h CET

Webinar 145: The Biopharmaceuticals sector in Japan

How can I access the Japanese market as a novel biopharmaceutical product's owner?

Report: Japan Bioventures Landscape

About the Report 

Japan is one of the major countries that European biotech companies target in their expansion when it comes to internationalisation. The report titled Opportunities for Cooperation between EU and Japan on Biotechnology in Healthcare: Japan Bioventures Landscape, intends to be a useful source of information for European SMEs and clusters considering potential cooperation with Japan.

Success Story: Metabolomic Discoveries / SME / Local sales representative to identify new potential partners

Metabolomic Discoveries - DE

“Local sales representative to identify new potential partners“








Success Story: Remembrane SrL / SME / Patience is a key word when dealing with Japan

Remembrane SrL – from Italy

“Patience is a key word when dealing with Japan“

Report: Biotechnology Market in Japan

About the Report 

This report presents an overview of the Biotechnology market in Japan. After giving a comprehensive definition of biotechnology, this report focuses on the characteristics of this market by providing information on its size and structure. Furthermore it includes information concerning biotech regulation in Japan as well as a complete list of major players and their specificities on the Japanese market. Lastly, this report provides various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry.


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