09-04-19 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h

EPA Helpdesk Webinar 3: EPA Preferences on Wines and Spirits & Beers

What are the EPA opportunities for EU exporters of wines and spirits & beers to Japan?

Factsheet: EPA and Spirits & Beer Products

About the Factsheet

The aim of this Factsheet is to explain to EU beer and spirits exporters the market access opportunities offered by the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and in a brief overview, the relevant Rules of Origin and import procedures in Japan. This factsheet takes a close look at the market access in Japan regarding the different types of spirits and beers. It then focuses on the Rules of Origin under the EPA for these spirits and beer products. 

Changes to beer and wine taxation planned in 2016

The government coalition is planning to change taxation rates on alcoholic beverages in its tax reform bill for 2016. Currently taxes on wine and Japanese sake are 1.5 higher than lower alcohol beverages. The proposal is designed to make the taxation rates between various kinds of spirit more uniform. It is expected that taxes for low-alcoholic beverages, such as low-malt beer will go up, while regular beer, wine and Japanese sake will see lower rates. 

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