09-10-18 | 16:00 h - 17:00 h

Webinar 125: Autonomous Driving Systems Development in Japan

What are the significant advancements in autonomous driving systems in Japan?

Unknown to many in the industry, Japan has a variety of autonomous driving systems developments that will likely be adopted by major automakers in the coming years.  Major automakers like Toyota and Nissan are investing heavily, but so are a variety of lesser-known Japanese tech, chip and auto electronics companies.  Meanwhile, Japan’s government has made development of such autonomous driving systems a key priority for the nation.

Case study: LPR srl

LPR srl – from IT

LPR srl was founded in 1952 in the surrounding of Piacenza, Italy. It is a privately owned company, active in the automotive sector, and specialised in manufacturing car brake spare parts, such as discs, pads, shoes, cv joints, water pumps and hoses.

08-09-15 to 08-09-15 | 10:30 h - 11:30h GMT +1

Webinar 34: Exporting automotive parts to Japan (Rescheduled)

How to enter into business with Japanese automotive companies?

About Automotive

The Japanese automotive industry represents the core of the Japanese manufacturing sector: 8.3% of the population was employed in automotive-related jobs in 2015 and automotive shipments (both domestic and export shipments, including motorcycles, auto parts, etc) reac

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