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Report: Artificial intelligence in Japan and Opportunities for European Companies

About the Report 

Japan has positioned itself as a powerful and mainly independent force in the as-pect of technological innovations that is progressive and in tune with that of other developed nations on the global map. With the Japanese AI market expected to grow to JPY 87 trillion in 2030, an abundance of opportunities exist to European companies hoping to invest in startups and top-scaled Japanese AI firms.

18-05-21 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h CET

Webinar 171: Smart Mobility Market in Japan and Opportunities for EU SMEs

What are the opportunities for the EU SMEs on the Smart Mobility Market in Japan?

This webinar will provide a brief introduction to the swiftly changing Smart Mobility Market in Japan, focusing on the main players, recent developments and trends in the main segments including the Automotive, Cargo, Metropolitan Transportation, etc.

20-10-20 | 15:30 h - 16:30 h CET

Webinar 159: Artificial Intelligence in the Japanese Educational Sector

Japan is just beginning a multiple decade effort to transform its economy towards artificial intelligence. But its education sector is way way behind in its ability to provide the large numbers of AI knowledgeable workers that future economy will need.

Can your company supply AI education tools, models, software or products to Japans education sector? 

09-06-20 | 10:30 h - 11:30 h CET

Webinar 155: Artificial Intelligence in the Japanese Medical Sector

To what extent is the AI utilised in Japan’s healthcare industry today?


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