About Agroindustry

Japan has a severe shortage of arable land, covering only 11.3% of Japan’s total territory. The country’s self-sufficiency rate currently stands at 39%.

About Biotechnology

With an ever-increasing number of bio-ventures and the establishment of a new ecosystem in the Japanese biotech field, this sector offers many opportunities for European SME companies.

Agricultural Technology

The Japanese government and researchers are investing in agricultural technology as a way to increase productivity, improve quality and availability, lower costs, and use less resources.

Biotechnology in Agriculture

In 2020, the Japanese agricultural biotechnology market was valued at about 615 billion yen. Japan remains one of the world’s largest per-capita importers of food and feed produced using modern biotechnologies.

CANCELLED - 'EPA Helpdesk' webinar series 44: EPA Impact on EU Agri-Food and Textile Exports to Japan

This event has been cancelled. Should it be rescheduled, we will make sure to keep you...

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