Given Japan's shrinking population, in order for infrastructure businesses such as railways to attain sustainable growth, it is vital that they uncover latent demand in the domestic market and tap into overseas markets with a particular emphasis on emerging markets. Traditionally, transport service products have been designed for the working-age population as a major user base. However, in the future, increased attention must be paid to the senior market. Because people travel less as they age, transport companies must develop new services such as those that encourage senior citizens to travel as well as those related to nursing care. A market that is set to grow is that of foreign visitors to Japan.

Nomura Research Institute, Growth Strategy for Japan's Airline and Rail Industries:Tokyo Olympics to Trigger a Leap, 2015

Table of Contents

  • General overview
  • Structure of the Japanese railway market
  • Standards and regulations
    • Technical Regulatory Standards on Japanese Railways
    • JRIS
    • JIS standards for rails
    • NRCC
    • Other
  • High speed railway services – shinkansen lines
  • Issues facing the Japanese railway sector
    • Decreasing population
    • Regional railway companies
    • Congestion in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
  • Expert report
  • Annual report
  • Further reading
  • Relevant organisations and trade fairs
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