Mineral resources, already relatively limited in Japan, are in decline and as a result, the country is highly reliant on import. The metal section will provide you with in-depth information about precious metals; platinum, palladium, silver and gold and other metals; aluminium, copper, lead & zinc and steel. It will also cover rare earth elements and the different steps the Japanese government has taken to secure its future supply of metals in order to sustain its competitive edge in the industrial sector. The page on rare earth elements will look at Japan’s future opportunities including; urban mining and the possible exploitation of a vast reserve of rare earth elements discovered on Japan’s ocean floor in 2013.

About Metal

Traditionally, Japan has had a large metal processing industry for a long time. Domestic demand of some materials, including rare earths, has been steadily increasing recently with the booming electric vehicle and renewable energy industries.

Steel and Aluminium

Japan is one of the biggest global producers of steel, with export destinations all over the world. Paradoxically, at the same time the country has to import all of its resources needed for production.