Amongst the different kinds of polymers are rubber and carbon fibre. These two types, particularly relevant in Japan, will be the focus of this section. Rubber is an important material for Japan’s automotive industry, a pillar of the country’s economy. Not only is Japan one of the world’s largest consumer of rubber but most of its rubber is used for its tyre production, one of the main products exported.  

JATMA, Tyre Industry of Japan, 2014

Carbon fibre composite materials are widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, building and civil engineering, electronics, industrial, medical and sports. Large-scale production of carbon fibre started in the 1970s in Japan. Since then, Japan has kept its place as a world leader in the industry and Japanese carbon fibre manufacturers are ranked number one in terms of quality and quantity produced. Toray for example, a Japanese company based in Tokyo, is the world’s largest producer of carbon fibre. It intends to expand into markets such as windmill blades and the automotive sector.

The Japan Carbon Fiber Manufacturers Association, 2013
Bloomberg, Toray to Buy U.S. Carbon Fiber Maker Zoltek for $584 Million, 2013

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